Albion Millennium Green

Located in Forest Hill. - map

It is one of 245 such Millennium Greens created to celebrate the year 2000. Each is owned by a seperate trust which was established to ensure conditions of access.

The Green is 1.7 acres and open 24 hrs which is a requirement of the trust deeds.

The variety of vegetation which includes trees, shrubs and grassland in various configurations is a 'mosaic of habitats'.

The site is designated for recreation so is not a nature reserve, however its conservation principle is to 'garden for wildlife'. This approach promotes an awareness of animal and plant habitats.

The Forest Hill area has a long standing connection with various tea trading dynasties including Horniman, Tetley and Peek. As such it is well placed to tell the story of world trade which centres on plant discovery, cultivation and exploitation. The Horniman Museum is a prominent legacy of this tea trade.