One Garden One Planet

All nature is a garden.

'Lines in the Mind, Not in the World ' Donella Meadows

'One Garden One Planet' is an experimental method to explore how the science of Conservation Biology is diffused. It critically examines its Knowledge Management challenges to emphasise the 'social transmission' of knowledge as a form of agency.

Building on the idea to 'Think global, act local', it starts in your Community Garden and connects to other places within the Public Sphere to show that nature cannot be separated into plots.

The method is a set of principles which assist community leaders to create (or co-design) Creative Commons licensed materials for group use. These explore themes of 'conservation as citizenship' through Patterns of Commoning.

This activity therefore is both a local and a global form of agency. It recognises the garden as one ecological continuum (one that is without borders). It references the Sustainable Development Goals.

It also references the Transition Town movement who have used pattern language based approaches to program group activity.

The method has arisen out of the need to develop Facilitation tools for community garden users who wish to explore Commoning by helping connect their local concerns for nature with the bigger picture of society, state and planet.