Project Bovary

The original idea was to create a promenade performance (reading excerpts from Madame Bovary) while we walk from St.Bartholomew's Church, Sydenham (the resting place of Robert Harrild, past Eleanor Marx and through Sydenham's conservation area (once the canal's reservoir) to Round Hill house, home of Robert Harrild, and St.Antholin's Spire.

The performance would pick up on a few shared motifs in the life of Madame Bovary's translator Eleanor Marx, its penultimate stop, an orphanage, or 'industrial home' called Louise House.

The idea for the logo was to incorporate the blank blue clock-face of St.Bartholomew's Church which still needs to raise funds to mend this important clock tower associated with two members of the Vulliamy Family. The letter A in Bovary was substituted for the alchemical symbol for Arsenic to remember Madame Bovary's method of suicide.

In a curious twist, the walk would end at St.Antholin's Spire which recalls an association to Flaubert's last work, The Temptations of St.Anthony. Recognising that such a walk could unlock the interpretation of Sydenham's heritage, I then developed the idea of Albion Millennium Green recovering it's 'lost memory' of Sydenham Common in a framework called The Memory of Albion.