Research Portfolio

I locate people, projects and case studies which are apt material for discursive investigations into the impact of innovation. This confluence of Future Studies themed content is then ranked for its applicability to form the basis of discussion. I then organise the information into a form factor which is suitable to be utilised within a facilitated discourse.

I start this in Federated Wiki to organise lines of inquiry about topics from different thematic perspectives. From here I can conceptualise the metrics and diagnostic-criteria necessary to build evidence-based tools which evaluate the impact of technology.

I am tracking several public-facing environmental projects to understand how research about conservation science is disseminated. My aim is to draw parallels to earlier historical science-knowledge networks, from Francis Bacon and the (later) founding of the Royal Society onward. I will be asking how discourse about the environment is conducted in the Public Sphere.

I will identify exemplary instances of communication which contribute to the public understanding of science.

I will be thinking about which aspects of a project's communication strategy were effecting facilitation. Does this intention to engage result from a programmed interaction whose formula can be (reliably) repeated? Does this in turn constitute a Participative Hermeneutics?

Citizen Sense

Great North Wood

Outfall Safari

Bats London