Walking in a group is a great method to demonstrate Action Research on the social process of knowledge transfer. This can be in combination with (or separate to) Place based investigation.

Guiding a walk for instructive (or entertaining) purposes is a commonly understood format. The expectation is that the guide directs both the route and enunciates commentary on points of interest. This model assumes that participants will receive this direction as consumers of knowledge.

Guides can promote some group dialogue within this leadership model. This helps strangers develop a level of comfort to increase overall enjoyment. Often people will get a question and answer rhythm going with the guide who is effectively having their expertise examined in a polite and appropriate way.

A participatory model can also be used to privilege Facilitation over leadership. This invites individuals to assume an active role in the production and transmission of knowledge. This approach is suited to a team of researchers (and/or stakeholders) who share responsibility about a newly-emergent expert domain.