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I translate research findings into activities which enable Facilitation for the Future Studies community. I am specially interested in Walking as a method of facilitating conversation. This is a 'live' working space to author such developing ideas in the Wikisphere.

My primary Research Portfolio investigates the public health impacts of 'Access to Nature' where I develop the theory of Community Ecotherapy. I also track innovations in Ecosystem monitoring such as air/water quality and species biodiversity.

Nature Place Citizenship is my key idea to bring some of these themes together. Using various methods I propose a Participative Hermeneutics to engage citizens in landscape interpretation. I investigate the Psychogeography of Sydenham. One example of a facilitation technique I am developing is called Torreography.

Recent developments in Machine Learning enable us to surveil high volumes of data. Actionable insight into real-time environmental status can assist conservationists (through invigilation) to detect and prevent Ecocide.

Perhaps such technology will help us critically reexamine how individual and group behaviours (at different scales) can be understood as ecocidal. This challenges our institutions to resolve questions of agency and culpability and therefore develop a new facility for environmental justice.

This special form of (decentralised) wiki is a Federated Wiki. Sometimes I make a page or link without any content yet (or create a stub) which helps me plan how I will join my thinking using hypertext. I am Learning Federated Wiki.

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